Derrick Porter's Voices of Hoxton was published in 2015 with a good old knees up in Hoxton.

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The Carriers


They were a strange breed who carried in our coal, 

their eyes peering out through circles of dust 

while grunting through grind of gritted teeth

and their backs pressed hard against the cart. 

The horses reeked of hot urine while shaking 

metallic livery as their colossal shoes

echoed from the stamp of each wearied tread.

Later, men drove the horses – deaf and broken – 

past our door on route to the slaughterhouse, 

their yellowing eyes already carousing sleep. 

Like old cave drawings they ingrained their time 

while stumbling, slowly, towards departure. 

Few now know the ways of horses.

And none have passed our door in years. 

Derrick Porter